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1. Do you know how much you save or spend each year?
2. What is my current net worth?
3. What are the ten most important things I want to accomplish while youíre on this Earth?
4. Am I borrowing money the most efficiently?
5. How much am I investing in my own human capital or that of my children and grandchildren so they can earn the most during their working years?
6. Do I have the proper choices in my retirement or 401(k) plan and is it enough to allow me to retire when I intend to?
7. Do I have the proper amount in an emergency fund?
8. If something were to happen to me, will my family be able to put everything together?
9. Do I have the proper amount of insurance so my family will be taken care of if I die, become disabled or am sued?
10. Does long term care make sense for me?
11. Is my estate plan up to date and do I have a will, a durable power of attorney, a healthcare proxy, or a trust?
12. Is there anything else I can do to reduce my income taxes that Iím not doing now?
13. What is my risk tolerance and how much risk am I taking right now?
14. What is my current asset allocation with all the things I own?
15. Have I named the proper beneficiaries of my insurance and retirement accounts?
16. What has been my rate of return over the years and is it competitive to the respective benchmarks?
17. Am I up to date on the latest investments like Exchange-Traded Funds and Alternative Investments that may be negatively correlated to the stock market?
18. If I only had 5 years to live, what would I change in my life?
19. If money were no object, what would I be doing right now?
20. If I found out I was going to die tomorrow, what do I regret not doing?
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